Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese

The Fondue Igloos are closed for the summer season

Gaze into the night sky over the Matterhorn on snuggly furs and enjoy one of the greatest Swiss food: cheese fondue. There is no better place than the transparent igloos in front of the Filet et Fils. In the Caquelon, an earthenware pot, Gruyère and Vacherin cheese turn to liquid gold, in which you dip your bread. A delicacy - simply to melt away. Our tip: Break the bread, don't cut it. Thus, the porous surface absorbs more cheese. It is eaten with spicy pickles and we recommend a schnaps inbetween. Spend a romantic and private dinner for two in one of our igloos or spend enjoy your evening with up to four friends under the Valais stars. Please reserve your evening at the Fondue Igloos.


If you stir too recklessly in the cheese, you might easily lost your piece of bread. Traditionally, that does not remain unpunished in Switzerland. Men who lose their bread must pay a round of schnaps or wine. If a lady loses their bread, she must or may – that depends on her company - kiss the men sitting on her left.

Say Cheeeeeeeeese!