A contemporary cuisine, multifaceted but down to earth, essential but refined, regional but open to the world: That is what we stand for at Filet et Fils.




Everything is about these three keywords for us. We bring more to the plate than just food. It is our mission to prepare fresh produce with artisanal methods in a way, that contains their original character and brings out the pure flavours. We are not only sensitive when it comes to taste, the origin and sustainability of our ingredients are also important to us. We respect the food that nature provides us with and use regional, seasonal products from eco-friendly and sustainable farms whenever possible. We attach great importance to the origin and quality of our fish as well as our meat and use them to create only the best dishes. Nature and the world in which we live are close to our hearts. Our special formula includes traditional influences as well as contemporary trends. The latest techniques as well as traditional recipes. We interpret familiar ingredients and combine them in sophisticated, yet down to earth creation with herbs and spices from around the world.

It's about more than just food; our sustainable approach and our refined selection of ingredients make every dish at Filet et Fils special. We make the culinary difference. Dish by dish, plate by plate and for every single guest.

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Our suppliers are also our friends. We do not only know and appreciate them, we also know exactly what they provide us with: First-class products, mostly directly from the surrounding areas, from Switzerland or from well selected sources in Europe. We prefer to cook with seasonal produce.


Hugo Dubno, Luma Beef




Streuli Schnaps, GENTS, Whiskey Swiss Malt

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